Stefan Zweig Wanderausstellung

“Die Ausstellung des „Amtes für Kultur und Schule“ der Stadt Salzburg, gestaltet von Klemens Renoldner, Hildemar Holl und Peter Karlhuber, wurde seit 1995 in vielen Ländern Europas und Lateinamerikas gezeigt. Erstmals ist sie nun in den USA zu sehen“ (Quelle: Literaturhaus Wien):

“The Austrian Cultural Forum brings one of the legends of Austrian literature back to life at the Austrian Embassy. Back in 1992 the City of Salzburg honored Stefan Zweig with an exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of his death. The exhibition presented this well-known writer and narrator as well as firm political observer by documenting his work from a new perspective. Interests from all over the world aroused and so it came that organizers created an even more transportable version of the exhibition, first showcased at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1995. This wonderful and breathtaking exhibition comprises approximately 120 photographers and numerous reproductions and other documents. In its original conception, the exhibition’s modular design resembles a stage set and provides a conclusive framework for the documentation. Specific presentations were designed for each narrative perspective and showcase three lecterns that lead visitors through a facsimile of Stefan Zweig “ledgers”. Three exhibition cubes offer the viewer even more insight into the life and work of Stefan Zweig.“ (Quelle: http://www.acfdc.org/ongoing-exhibit)

Ort: Österreichische Botschaft/ Embassy of Austria, 3524 International Court NW; Washington DC 20008/ USA. Öffnungszeiten: Mo.-Fr., 09.-16.00 Uhr
Bis: 12.08. 2011